Who We Are ?

CHEREEKI was established in Shenzhen in 1989, mainly engaged in electronic sports, game products, and is a more comprehensive brand.

Because the products are diverse and not repeated, CHEREEKI has this pivotal position in the market.


Brand Timeline

Brand Timeline

February 22

February 2020

Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries in Shenzhen, CLEVO began to expand its markets to North America by using its 37 years known brand “CLEVO” and benefits gamers around the world.

August 20

August 2018

CLEVO began to distributes and retails its gaming peripherals online on Amazon platform in European markets through its subsidiary brands from August 2018 and been well received.

July 14

July 2016

From July 2016, CLEVO distributes and retails its gaming peripherals to gamers directly by direct-sale stores and cooperation with local supermarkets in addition to ODM/ OEM mode.

December 10

December 2015

CLEVO was awarded as “China’s Most Growing Gaming Peripheral Manufacturer” in December 2015 and became one of the biggest gaming peripheral manufacturers in China.

June 2

June 2011

Driven by China’s fast economic development, CLEVO began to receive OEM/ ODM orders from other brands around the world in production of computer peripherals and gaming peripherals.

October 17

October 2010

CLEVO set up its main factory with over 3,000 square meters in Kunshan Free Trade Zone (China) in October 2010, and set up dozens of modernized production lines for gaming peripherals.

May 14

May 2006

CLEVO launched a new game controller for Xbox 360 (model: CXB-G11) in May 2006, and launched 2 more models (model: CXB-G12 and CXB-G13) in 2006 for European and American markets.

June 21

June 2005

After Sony launched PSP, CLEVO launched a series of PSP cases named “Pocket Dream” (model: CPP-C1 to CPP-C8) in association with third party manufacturers in China mainland.

September 19

September 2003

CLEVO set up its new headquarters, separated its headquarters with factory in September 2003. The new factory had a larger standard plant and advanced production line equipment.

May 5

May 2002

CLEVO released its first Xbox controller with 2 different models (model: CXB-G1 and CXB-G2) in May 2002. These 2 models had been customized to many variations for different markets.

July 25

July 2000

CLEVO released its first console controller for Sony PlayStation 2 with 3 different models (model: CPS-G1 to CPS-G3) in July 2000 and formally entered console peripheral market.

March 10

March 1997

The 4th generation of CLEVO computer mouse (model: CPC-M4) was launched on March 1997. It sold more than 50,000 PCS within the year 1997 and became the best-selling CLEVO product.

February 4

February 1995

CLEVO produced the first connecting line (model: CPS-L1) and gamepad protective cover (model: CPS-C1) at the same time for Sony PlayStation on February 1995, which were be well-received.

April 2

April 1990

CLEVO reorganized its workshop into a limited liability company in April 2, 1990, and expanded its product range to customized computer peripherals with the rise of personal computers in Taiwan.

August 18

August 1989

After Nintendo launched Game Boy, CLEVO released a replaceable AC power cable (model: CGB-R9) on August 1989. It was mainly for Japan market and finally entered U.S. market in 1990.

December 5

December 1985

With an increasingly popular of Nintendo Family Computer, CLEVO launched a replaceable cable (model: CFC-R1) for North America customers and continuing provide improved versions till 1996.

March 13

March 1983

On March 13, 1983, Mr. Lin Tzu Hsü (the founder and former CEO) founded CLEVO Workshop in New Taipei City as a contract manufacturer of TV power line and supply the Taiwan market.